Thalassies Hotel

EO Thasou Limenarion, Limenaria 8.3

In Greece in the blue seas of the Aegean Sea, lies the "green island" Thassos.

Green because the pine and olive trees reach the sea and meet the Aegean breeze in the mountain air of the island!

The cool, calm and beauty, are rich gifts of the gods on the island!

The antiquities, cultural events, possibilities of mountain walks and sporting events, give many opportunities for a beautiful, relaxing and creative stay on the island.

Thassos is located opposite the city of Kavala where the visitor arrives by road or by air with direct access from 30' to 70' from the three ports which connect to the opposite mainland (Kavala - Keramoti - N. Peramos).

Limenaria, is a picturesque village located in the south of Thassos, opposite Mount Athos.  It is a seaside village which has been developed over the years by sea trade.  It has all the comforts and services of modern tourism in Greece.


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